AVILA BEACH CALIFORNIA’S HIDDEN SECRET – Avila Beach, California is clearly the nicest place on earth to live. The main reason is the amazing, almost perfect weather. Homes are located on or near the Pacific Ocean.  Unlike other coastal communities, there is very little fog. Temperatures tend to be warmer as Avila Beach is located in a protected cove.  When the fog rolls in from the ocean, it bypasses Avila Beach and moves into Pismo Beach instead.

Downtown Avila Beach – Before the 24 thousand gallon oil pipeline break in 1992, Avila Beach was a sleepy, funky, beach town.  After Unocal paid $200 million to clean up Avila, gone were the dive bars, low-rise motels, beach shacks, and restaurants with laminated place mats.

Now Avila Beach’s Front Street skyline is dominated by upscale hotels, fine restaurants, and million dollar condos. Up on the hill, next to the downtown area are ocean view homes priced way into the millions.

After the pipeline cleanup, a new children’s park was built next the one of the calmest pristine sandy beaches you have ever seen.  Forgot your swimming suit, or just want to get away from the children?  Go to the swimming suit optional beach to swim or tan on the sun warmed sand.

You can walk up to either of the two piers to go fishing, or buy live fish that come from the local fishermen.  There you will also find seals basking in the sun down on the pier stair platforms.

San Luis Bay Estates – If you do not need to live right on the water, you might be able to find a home in the gated community of San Luis Bay Estates.  There are several homes and condos for sale.  Pelican Point has condos that were built in the 80’s, most of them recently remodeled.  If you are looking for a lower priced home, and if you are patient, you might be able to find a home that needs to be updated.  Also, in the estates, are newer or brand new homes available with all of the niceties you would expect in a luxury home.

Avila Beach California’s Hidden Secret

Just outside of the estate gates, the local country club offers two swimming pools, spas, and tennis courts. The Bob Jones Bike Trail passes right next to the country club, and there is a private gated entrance that allows estate residents to walk, bike or drive golf carts to the downtown Avila Beach front in minutes.

Homes on Acres 

Lastly, there are homes in Avila Beach on acres.  If you are in the area, it would be worth the drive through this neighborhood, eventually one of these homes will go on the market, but be prepared as they often sell relatively fast.


Avila Beach California’s Hidden Secret may not be a secret for long.  There are many choices of homes in Avila Beach: homes with ocean views, in gated communities, large estate homes or modest condos. Home values have recently gone up in Avila, but with interest rates still relatively low, it is still the best time to find that second, investment home, or to live full time and enjoy this wonderful beach town.

I am sure I will be able to help you find a home in the nicest place on earth. Just call me at 805-270-5860 to discuss what you are looking for in a home.


If you would like to see a video of any of the homes in Avila Beach–especially the homes beside the gates, let me know.  I can go out and shoot a video just for you on YouTube.