Cayucos Land and Lots offers a variety of choices that often have ocean views, including, Ocean Front single family lots, large Agricultural acres, and downtown Commercial properties.

If you are considering Cayucos Land to build your dream home, you will want to keep in mind that Cayucos has the most expensive properties on the Central Coast because Cayucos is so desirable.

You will discover that there are a significant number of lots available that are very low priced.  The reasons for these lower prices will depend on the lot, which include: expense of engineering on a hillside, unstable hill sides, and currently no roads for accessing the land, also known as paper lots.

Some of these building obstacles can be overcome, but may be expensive. So, when looking at Cayucos land and lots, you may want to give me a call, so that I can provide you with accurate information about what is available. 805-270-5860

If you dream is to build on Cayucos Land, that is certainly  possible, but if it proves to be too much of a challenge, there are several Cayucos Homes available that should fit your needs.

Cayucos Land and Lots - Aerial
Cayucos Land and Lots – Aerial





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