Central Coast Ocean View Homes – Beach Homes – Ocean View on Acres

Ocean View Homes

Ocean view / water view homes and beach homes on the Central Coast are the best in the entire state of California. You can find Panoramic ocean view homes on water, on the cliffs,  waking distance to the sand, or high in the hills. with and the surrounding valleys below.  You may be able to find Ocean View Homes in some of the cities on acreage or high in the hills away from the beach cities. There are really only nine cities on the central coast have will have ocean views. All of these nine cities are close to the water.  The best ocean views will be on the water or on hills looking down over other homes.  Ocean view homes that are far from the are basically slivers of blue water.  However, if you combine the blue water, with clouds, and sunsets your view from anywhere will be amazing.

More About Ocean View Homes Cities

The nine ocean view cities from north to south start in Cambria where more of the views are over the cliffs.  Cayucos views will have sandy beaches in the foreground. Morro Bay can have views over sandy beaches or over the Morro Bay.  Los Osos ocean Views will be over the bay, but in the hills you will see the white water.  Avila Beach ocean views can be found in the estate homes or downtown, which also has a sandy beach.  Pismo Beach has views with sandy beaches.  Shell Beach has ocean views over the cliffs.  Grover Beach ocean views will mostly be over homes, but the nearest beach is a sand beach. Oceano ocean views will be over the Pismo/Oceano Dunes. Lastly, there are some ocean view homes Arroyo Grande mostly in the hills, but a few are on the east side, on the mesa, or in the West side hills as well.  No matter where you decide you want to live you will certainly love having an ocean view or be able to get to the water in a few minutes.

If you would like me to shoot a video of a property for you, I am happy to accommodate.  See examples on my Video Tours Page or View all of my Videos on YouTube.

If you are not in the market for an Ocean View Home, you can find hundreds of  Homes all over San Luis Obispo County. If you are only looking for a specific area that has water views, such as Lake Nacimiento, which is in Bradly, call me and I will send you a list. David Norwood.