There are buildable Los Osos Land and lots.  Because of the building moratorium there are several lots that cannot be built on. See Map Below.  Please call me and I will let you know which lots can be built on.  David Norwood – 805-270-5860 

You can see on the map that the only areas you can build on are within the yellow highlighted areas. This Los Osos Land has a very  high elevation. The lots are not on the new sewer system that is being installed in the red highlighted areas, as the area yellow highlighted already has a city sewer system.

Yellow highlighted Ocean View Los Osos land and lots are in a very desirable area, with homes valued as high two million dollars. If you see one of these lots you may want to grab it, as once you build your dream home, the value of the property will increase significantly.

The yellow highlighted areas also do not have the additional sewer assessment that you will find in the red highlighted areas, which can be over $2,000.00 a year, paid in addition to your 1% sales price property taxes.  If you bought a home for $600,000, the tax would be in the red area approximately – ($600,000 Cost of home or lot x 1%) + $2,000.00 = $8,000.00.   You would only pay $6,000.00 with out the additional tax assessment.

The Green Highlighted Areas are currently exempt from the moratorium and you can build on these lots under certain conditions.  You can also have a septic system in the Green highlighted areas.

Most of the red highlighted areas have Los Osos Land and Lots at very low prices, some right on the bay.  You may be able to build on these lots in the future, but no one knows when that will be.

As you can see, buying and building on Los Osos Land, may be a challenge, so you may want to buy a Los Osos home today until the building moratorium has been lifted.

If you want to live on a Los Osos Land ocean view property today, I suggest you buy lots in the yellow highlighted areas.  Please Contact me for a map showing the exact location of the lots that can be built on, as most lots will have accurate locations due to not having an address.

Out of Town and you want to receive more information or more photos of a lot you think you love.  Give me a call at 805-270-5860 and I will be happy to provide you with a video of any lot.   When completed,  I will upload your private video to YouTube.

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Los Osos Land and Lots - Moritorium Map
Los Osos Land and Lots – Moritorium Map