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Weather is the very important criteria to consider. If you do like hotter weather you may want to look at the North County Cities. If you like cooler weather you will want to look at the coastal areas such Morro Bay Homes or Pismo Beach Homes.  You may not like hot or cold weather, so you want to look at Arroyo Grande or Nipomo Homes.

Most of the Central Coast is safe, but your tolerance for safety can change based on your age, if you have a family or simply because you want to feel as safe as possible when you step out of your home to pick up your mail.

Buying Homes- David Norwood Central Coast Real Estate
Buying Homes- David Norwood Central Coast Real Estate

When Buying Homes you need to know the Areas.

When buying homes,  If you do not know an area you will also not know which of the homes are on busy streets.  In most cases you can look at a map, you can see if a home is on a freeway, but sometimes you can be fooled.

Unless you are paying cash for a home, you will need a honest local lender.  There are several big internet companies the will state they have the lowest rates, but the truth is all lenders have the same rates on any given day.

Last, but not least, once you find a home you need to know what the market value of that home is. If you offer more than the market value, and you are getting a loan, you may end up paying lender fees before finding out that the home will not appraise at the contact price.

As you can see there are several aspects to consider when buying homes.  Looking at photographs on internet is fun to do, but if you are serious about moving to the Central Coast you will need help deciding what area it best for you.

David Norwood-Central Coast Real Estate had been helping fokes find homes on the Central Coast since 1999, and knows if  has hot or cold weather, if it is safe, if the home is on a busy street,  who the local lenders are, and if you are paying too much for a home.

Give me a call at 805-270-5860 and in minutes you have a much better idea where you will want to live.  I will also send all of the homes in your price range after rejecting the homes, in unsafe neighborhood or on busy streets.   Here is all of my contact information.