There is Cambria Land and Lots available that can be built on today.  If the lot does not have a water meter, you CANNOT build on it.

“Wait list” or No water position, in the remarks, means that the lot cannot be built on. 

For most lower priced Cambria Land and lots you will see in the description CCSD Water Position #185 or similar number.  What this means is that there are 185 lots waiting for a water meter.  There are 600 lots on the list, and due to the drought, the CCSD has not released any water meters.  It may be possible that you can get a water meter in the future, but there is no guarantee.

Many of the very low priced lots are sold to existing residences that want to expand their land or protect their view.

Cambria Land and Lots - Aerial
Cambria  – Aerial

If you want to build a home on Cambria land, you will need to pay for a lot that already has a water meter or you can buy an existing water meter and move it to another lot. Moving a meter can be done, but may take a while, as the CCSD is not the fastest government organization.

There is Cambria land on acres that do not require a water meter.  If it has a well already,  you can start the process of building, if it does not have a well you will be required to drill a well before you can start building your dream home.

Cambria has a water desalination plant that provides water to the residences.  However, Cambria has very strict water usage rules.

As you can see it is not impossible to buy Cambria Land or lots to build on, but it may be a challenge. You can buy Cambria Homes today in all prices ranges.  Currently, interest rates are historically low, and it may be less expensive to buy a home and remodel it rather than to try to build.  However, because Cambria land and lots are so inexpensive now, it may be a good long term investment for future building.


Out of Town and you want to receive more information or more photos of land you think you love.  Give me a call at 805-270-5860 and I will be happy to provide you with a video of any home you like.  When completed,  I will upload your private video to YouTube.