Pismo Beach Town  is not your beach town of the five beach towns on the Central Coast with a pristine sandy beach and is internationally known.

Pismo Beach is comprised of four different areas which include:

1.  The Pismo Beach Corridor, located by the pier attracting thousands of tourists all year round. There are several small shops you expect to see near a pier including candy stores, ice cream stores, bars, and restaurants with every kind of food you can imagine. There is even a small bowling alley. Next to the pier is one of the nicest sandy beaches in California with waves large enough to surf on, and small genial waves where children and adults can play or swim in.

Pismo Beach Town
Pismo Beach Town

Most of the single family homes are small cottages or condos, but there are a few homes located right on the beach with expansive ocean views.

The Pismo corridor is the only area in Pismo Beach where homes can legally be used as vacation rentals. Prices tend to be higher because you can buy a 2nd home with the option of rental potential. Investors to using the homes as vacation rentals, have the capability of generating rental income as high as $750.00 per day.

2. The area affectionately known as Shell Beach has the same zip code as Pismo beach, but is a more upscale beach town on the cliffs. There are small beaches below the cliffs that can only be accessed when the tide is low, which also allows for tide pooling. If you are not fortunate to own a home with an ocean view, all you have to do is walk to the end of any of the streets and view spectacular sunsets or just relax in one of the many park benches provided by the city.

The ocean side or west side of Shell Beach has homes that are small 500 SF cottages or luxury ocean view homes as big as 10,000 SF on the bluffs. Along Shell Beach road there are several restaurants you can walk to and several hotels right on the cliffs.

The east side boasts new and older 1 bedroom and mid-sized condos, and large single family homes—many with ocean views.

3. Pismo Heights is located off of Wadsworth on the highest hill in all of Pismo Beach. Many of these homes have amazing ocean views and worth the trip up the windy roads on your way home from work.

4. The homes off of 4th Street, rest in a more traditional residential neighborhood with a mix older and newer homes. It is a very nice area to live in if you what to keep away from the tourists.

A large percentage of all of the four areas n Pismo Beach are used as second homes for many families wanting to live part of the year in the most beautiful part of the Central Coast.

Pismo Beach has its own city government, which includes services such as a police, building, fire departments, and highly rated schools.

Pismo Beach is clearly not your typical beach town. If your dream is to own a home near the ocean, Pismo Beach is one of the most desirable cities in the world.

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