Grover Beach Historical Beach Town – Built in the 1800’s

Grover Beach Historical Beach Town
Grover Beach Historical Beach Town

Grover Beach Historical Beach Town  is a small funky beach town located between Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande and Oceano and is part of the five cities. Located near the beach and originally promoted in 1887 as, “the place where the tide lands and the rails meet.”

About the Cities Name
Grover Beach was originally called the Town of Grover in 1887, and then change to City of Grover City in 1959, and finally the name was changed to Grover Beach in 1992 to emphasize the seaside location.

Grover Beach Historical Beach Town Recreation

Grover Beach is located right on the ocean with the gateway to one of the nicest sandy beaches you have ever seen, and the Pismo Dunes where people can drive ATVs.

Just want to spend the day at the beach? You can drive your car right up to the ocean edge, which is great after a working all day, showing of to your visiting out of town friends, or laying or sun bathing. You will not have look for a parking space and carry out the beach chairs, towels and sand toys.

After parking your car on the beach, you can: ride horses, go swimming, look for clams, go boating, or running. You can even have a roaring campfire or stroll with your love one on the water’s edge.

If you enjoy dinning, there are several restaurants to choose from offering: Mexican, Asian, Barb-Q and plan old American food. Most of the restaurants are modestly priced allowing you to dine more often with having to travel too far.

Grover Beach as a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. This region experiences warm, but not hot, dry summers, with no temperatures above 72 °F.

If you want to retire in Grover Beach and have always wanted to live near the ocean; Grover Beach has its own city government, police department, and fire department. The nearest hospital is in Arroyo Grande, which is a short distance away. So, you do not have to worry about emergency services if you need them. If you can’t drive anymore, Grover Beach Amtrak is the only train station in the five Cities.

Many of the homes in Grover Beach are modestly price and affordable for either a second or primary home. There are a variety of neighborhoods to choose from, large homes with hilltop panoramic ocean views, to modest cottages near the water.

If your dream is to own an affordable home near the ocean, you should consider Grover Beach. Due to its location, warm climate, unlimited recreation, and good value, Grover Beach is clearly a great area to invest in on the Central Coast of California.

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Grover Beach Historical Beach Town


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