Templeton CA – 1800’s Historic Small Town

If you enjoy small town flavor, you will love Templeton CA. The residents, who will insist it is one of the best places in the world to live.

Located between Paso Robles, and Atascadero, Templeton has its own city government. Including a fire department, police department, a small but quaint library. Templeton also has and some of the best schools in California.

Local Vineyard

History of Templeton

Templeton was founded in the 1800’s, but was not accessible by roads or by railway.  When the Southern Pacific Railroad line came through, the town became a boom-town. It has been reported that it only took ninety short days until there were three hotels. In three months they built: 3 general stores, a drug store, two blacksmith shops, five solons, a billiard parlor, a lumber yard, two barber shops, a public hall, post office. They also built and thirty new homes. However, once the railroad terminal was moved to Santa Margarita, Templeton transitioned to a slow growth farming community. Now growing almonds, cherries, apples, grains and wine grapes.

Old photo of the Train Station in 1949

Templeton in the last decade has doubled in population. Many of the historical buildings are still being used. One of the most famous is the original hardware stores. The Hewitt Hardware and Pumps, adds to the charming character of the community.

Old Photo of the local Hardware Store in 1899
New Hardware Store in the same building built in 1899

Templeton Hardware Store 1899-2021

Population Freeway Sign 3600 Templeton CA
Population Freeway Sign 7700 - Templeton CA

Templeton Weather

Templeton inland temperatures are hotter about three months a year. However, there is some coastal influence. which tends to keep the temperatures below 90 degrees. Pool ownership is not considered essential in the warmer months, as the ocean is a short thirty-minute drive away.

Sunset over Templeton CA

The Only North County Hospital

Are you coming to the Central Coast to retire? You will appreciate the convenience of nearby Twin City Community Hospital. You will find it located in the middle of the city. There are also several out-patient facilities and numerous doctors’ offices located next to the hospital to meet health care demands.

Twin Cities Community Hospital  in Templeton CA

Templeton CA Downtown

There is an abundance of western style restaurants along with antique shops. You will love the gift stores and other services are situated along the charming Main Street business district. 

Main Street downtown Templeton

Templeton CA Schools

The schools in Templeton are among the best in the California. Templeton Untied School District is home to two elementary schools, one middle school, and 2 high schools, a home school and an independent study high school.  See All of the schools are Ranked 8 and Above  

Administration Building Templeton High School

Real Estate Templeton CA

Templeton offers housing in all price ranges. from small affordable condos to huge equestrian estates. Recently, values have increased due to the popularity of the area, great schools, ambiance, and availability of acreage homes. If you are looking for homes in Templeton, Click the link.