Atascadero CA – Rural – Natural Beauty – Horses – Small Town

Atascadero CA a very quaint small town located in the heart of the Central Coast, offering a blend of natural beauty and rural lifestyle. Its comfortable climate and atmosphere are influenced by the beautiful Pacific Ocean on the west, and also by the Salinas River and open countryside to the east. Local scenery is accented by oak-studded hills, creeks, and stunning vistas of the Santa Lucia Mountains. It is the perfect halfway stop between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Atascadero CA Hills

Atascadero CA – Small Town Feel

This family orientated, mid-size community has a small-town feel yet is buzzing with new business and a resurging downtown and economy. The Charles Paddock Zoo, Lake Park, Chalk Mountain Golf Course, and other parks and shopping centers are great places to visit. There are also well-established wine tasting communities in Paso Robles and the Edna Valley. If you like trains, you will certainly want to visit the Bitter Creek Western Railroad to take the kids on their miniature or full-scale trains.

Bitter Creek Western Railroad

Charles Paddock Zoo – Lake Park

Atascadero has a very unique zoo for kids and adults located in the Lake Park. It features several wild animals exhibits: The Malayan Tiger, Red Pandas, Python Stakes, Lemurs, Tortoises, Monkeys, Owls, Roadrunners, Meerkats, Porcupines, Alligators, Gila Monster, are outstanding examples. You can spend the entire day enjoying the amazing animals and afterwards go for a boat ride on the lake.

Charles Paddock Zoo

Lake Park

Atascadero CA Downtown – A Real City

Unlike some cities in SLO, Atascadero is a real city with their own police department, fire department and city government. If you have a question about building a home, or adding on to an existing home, the Planning Department is very accessible by phone.

Atascadero CA - City Government
Atascadero CA - Police Car

Nice Valley Weather

If you prefer warmer valley weather you will love Atascadero. The average maximum temperature are about 74 degrees, with the minimum average temperature around 63 degrees. The summers can get a bit hot, so most of the homes have air conditioning. Because you can get lower cost solar panels, the cost to air condition your home is affordable today.

Single Family Homes – Condominiums – Horse Ranches

As far as real estate investment, you cannot go wrong. Atascadero is only minutes away from downtown San Luis Obispo, which tends to be a big draw to buyers seeking affordable housing. There are small condos, townhomes and single-family homes in all price ranges. Upon writing this, I was able to find a condominium as low $220,000 and a large 320-acre ranch for as high as $4,500,000.

Horse lovers are attracted to Atascadero, because there are usually several homes on acres at the lowest prices you can find in California with coastal weather. Atascadero city zoning states that you require one acre for three horses.  However, it can be a challenge to find an equestrian property with barns and corrals. If you are looking for equestrian property you will certainly want to give David Norwood a call.  You can also check out acreage homes on my web site.  

If you are looking for warmer valley weather, horse property, or an affordable priced home, you will surely want to consider Atascadero CA.