Morro Bay CA – Beach Town – Sandy Beaches

Morro Bay CA – Beach Town – Sandy Beaches

Morro Bay CA is a wonderful older beach town on the northern coast of San Luis Obispo County. Morro Bay CA is wedged between Los Osos to the South and Cayucos to the North. The Bay is located on the Southern part of town and shared by Los Osos. Its landmark, Morrow Rock, known as the Gibraltar of the Pacific, is an ancient volcanic mound that marks the Bay. The Morrow Bay State Park is home to a bird- rich saltwater estuary and countless trails through Montana de Oro State Park.  Morrow Bay is comprised of four different areas which include:

Morro Bay CA - Sunset on Sandy Beach
Morro Bay  – Sunset on Sandy Beach
  1. Morro Bay CA’s Westside down town and residential area, located west of highway one. Basically all of the area between Morro Rock and Morro Bay CA state Park—right on the bay.

Morro Bay CA West side is where the tourist and locals go for entertainment. The finest selection of restaurants are on the West side. The Embarcadero boasts several boutique gift stores and galleries on the bay. You can rent a kayak and safely go onto the calm bay to spot playful otters and pelicans. If you a boating enthusiast, there is ramp access to the ocean. If you have children, you will not want to miss the Morro Bay Aquarium. Inside you can feed the seals. Or visit the museum to learn about the area’s unique ecology.

The local city government can also be found in the West side, which includes their own police fire, and building departments.

There are homes on the Westside as well. Many have bay or ocean views or are walking distance to the water. Home prices are surprisingly reasonable for a beach area near the water. If you are looking to buy a home near the water, you certainly will have no difficulty finding one.

2. Morro Bay CA Beaches can be found to the North of Morro Rock. You can surf, swim or have a romantic walk on the shores at sunset. You can walk all the way to downtown Cayucos, but it takes two hours from pier to pier. The beach is one of the longest sandy beaches in California.

Morro Bay CA - Surfing
Morro Bay CA – Surfing

Past the Morro Bay CA high school there are several homes on or very near the sand. There are some amazing newer homes in the Cloisters or older nice homes farther north.

  1. Lastly, Morro Bay CA East side is where you will find 80% of the homes. This is a very unique section as it is goes from sea level all the way up into the local hill. You will find homes with spectacular views in the upper hills and modestly priced homes in the flatter part of the East side.


Like all beach towns, Morro Bay CA has a bit of fog in the morning. It is a fallacy if you have heard that Morro Bay is always foggy. Weather patterns have changed in the past 10 years, perhaps due to global warming. The fine misty fog is a welcome site, as it cools of the ground until late morning where it is often sunny the rest of the day. Average winter lows are 50 degrees, and the average winter high is 65 degrees. Summer lower temperatures average 55 degrees while the summer highs are around 70 degrees. Temperatures are fairly constant year round.


A large percentage of the homes in Morro Bay are second homes to many families wanting to live part of the year in the most beautiful part of the Central Coast. Until recently the city of Morro Bay encouraged home owners to use their properties for vacation rentals. Today, the only way to own a vacation rental home is buy a home that has a vacation rental license. If you have a home with a vacation rent license, you can transfer your license to a different property.

If you are looking for a wonderful beach town, consider peaceful Morro Bay CA. Take a look at all of the available homes in Morro Bay , and I will be happy to make your dreams come true.

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