You can legally grow marijuana on rural Santa Margarita Land acreage and the lots are very low priced. There are also large agricultural properties suitable for ranches.

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There are several large acreage Santa Margarita Land and lots in California Valley, a rural land suburb of Santa Margarita.  California Valley is located about 40 minutes East of the heart of the downtown, and is comprised of 6,000 lots that are mostly 2.5 acres each.

The County of San Luis Obispo is allowing licensed medical marijuana growers to produce cannabis  crops on Santa Margarita land.  Because the land is priced so low in California Valley, people from all over the nation have been buying up these lots as fast as they are listed.  The increase in the number of buyers for these properties has, caused the land value to increase, but the land is still very low compared to any other acreage lots in California.

Santa Margarita Land also includes agriculture properties sometimes over 100 acres, which can be used for farming or ranching. There ae also very large 100 plus acres single family properties.

If you are not looking to buy Santa Margarita Land to grow marijuana and you are not interested in ranching, there are Santa Margarita Homes for sale.


Santa Margarita Land - California Valley - Aerial
Santa Margarita Land – California Valley – Aerial