Most of Atascadero Land are larger parcels that can be used for cow or horse ranches. You will also find large commercial, multi-family and single family lots.

There is Acres and Acres of Atascadero Land

Atascadero Land extends far to the east toward the mountains, which has warmer weather.  As you move toward westward, the weather starts so cool down because the ocean air currents funnel eastward down Highway 41.  Atascadero land and lots are bordered by Templeton to the North, Santa Margarita to to the South, and Morro Bay to the West.

You can also find agricultural Atascadero Land often used for wine grape vineyards and avocados groves.  If you not ready to build, there are several Atascadero Homes for sale.

Atascadero Land and Lots - Aerial
Atascadero Land and Lots – Aerial