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Why was the Sitemap David Norwood Central Coast Real Estate  removed?

Sitemap David Norwood Central Coast Real Estate

In 2016, according to Sucuri Security, over 50 million web sites have been hacked. After I changed host last year, my site was victimized by unscrupulous people who appear to be from China.

Why was site Hacked?

The goal of hacker was to add invisible back links to my site that are redirected to pornography. My understanding is if they add these back links, google will find them during robot searches. Then their pornography sites will have a better chance to be on the first page of the google search pages.

I was not  aware the these back links were on my site for months, and to this day I am not 100% sure how I was hacked, but I suspect that it was due to the vulnerability of the password I was using.

Why remove the Sitemap David Norwood Central Coast Real Estate?

Although there is no adequate information about the effect or vulnerability of having a sitemap, there is evidence that it can make it easier for hackers to find what the need to get into web sites if a sitemap is available that shows all of the files on a site.

After the Hack

When all for the back links were removed from my site, I also moved it so host that was more secure. I also added a significant amount of additional security.  The added security can track and ban uses from attempting to access my site. I can see from logs that there are continued attempts to access parts of my site that are not designed for the public to see. On average, there has been as much as 1400 attempted hacks monthly.

As a user am I at risk on the site?

No, users are not at risk and were never at risk.  Rest assured, when you are on my site, there is no way that any part of my site has malware or computer viruses.

Do you have a personal web site?

If you have a personal web site today, you will want to check to see if you have any files on your sever host that you did not put there.   If you need any advice about how to secure site, you are welcome to give me a call and I will be happy help.

What can you do to help?

After years of having a sitemap, it is discerning that it had to be removed… You can write your congressmen and let them know you want foreign hacking stopped.


Thank you for your understanding.