If you have a lot of gold metal in your home it is time to get rid it if by Powder coating all of that out of date metal.

As a realtor, I show a lot of homes. When buyers discover that the door knobs and plumbing fixtures are gold, they often say, “This home needs too much work”.

Powder Coating - Example
Powder Coating – Example

I found a very inexpensive way to update old, out-of-date gold colored door knobs, hinges, and brass or chrome bathroom faucets. You simply add a powder coating to them with one of the more fashionable bronze colors.

The process of powdering coating may seem complicated at first. The first step is to research Powder Coating companies in your area.  I discovered that there are several in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County.

I called one powder coating shop and told email a list to the shop owner all of the items I wanted powder coating on. Since I had in my 1999 home there was a lot to do.  He said that if he can do it all at one time, it would cost less than $200.00. The biggest cost was the setup fee.

Even though it was more expensive, I decided to complete the process in two steps. I did not want to not have bathroom fixtures for a week. I did one bathroom with ½ of the door knobs and hinges and then the other bathroom with the balance of the gold medal in my home.



If you have done research on home updating, you may have discovered there are many shades of bronze, from very black to muddy browns. It is impossible to get color consistency throughout your home without powder coating. Not only does it cost less doing the powder coating process it also look amazing.


If you are planning on selling your home in the future, and want to get the highest price possible, it is easier to keep your home updated. Don’t wait and rush to update your home a week before you plan on selling. Powder coating just is one way to keep your home updated, but you will also want to replace older light fixtures and replace tile counter tops.

You may want to research craftsmen on yelp! Or feel free to call me at 805-270-5860 if you would like advice on updating your home and / or referrals to qualified craft persons to help you.