PASO ROBLES HOMES FOR SALE – $500,000 TO $1,000,000

You will be astounded to see home many Paso Robles Medium Priced Homes you will have to choose from. There are larger new homes, homes on acres, and homes with massive garages.

Paso Robles Mid Priced Homes

For way under a million dollars you can buy a home that you can be proud of.  If you have a family, you will find that the Paso Robles Mid Priced Homes are in the better neighborhoods and have the best, nine star rated, schools.

About Paso Robles

Paso Robles Homes are in a great climate is great for growing red wine grapes, so there are dozens of wineries to go sample wines or add to your wine collection. The population in Paso Robles is greater than the rest of the County, with over 30,000 residents. To accommodate the population there are many services including police and fire departments. Additionally, there are many nice restaurants and plenty of shopping. Lake Nacimiento is a recreational lake located in the western part of Paso Robles. The lake is very large and visitors come all over to swim and boat. You can find lake front homes and homes a few minutes from the lake.  Coming latter this year, I will be writing all about Paso Robles and the surrounding area. Paso is a very larger area and will require significant research to be able to write a nice blog.  However, you can call me and I will be happy to tell you as much as I know about Paso.  The key point it that is it in an area that is a bit hotter than the coast parts of SLO. Top 14 Central Coast City Blog.  

If you are looking for a modest single family home or small condominium, you may want to look at Lower Priced homes. If you are looking for an estate home or ranch, I suggest you take a look at Higher Priced Homes.

Paso Robles Medium Priced Homes - Photo Mountain View
Paso Robles – Mountain View


Out of Town and you want to receive more information or more photos of a home you think you love.  Give me a call at 805-270-5860 and I will be happy to provide you with a video of any home you like.  When completed,  I will upload your private video to YouTube.