If you shop online or do a lot of home improvements, you know how expensive it can be.  I found two great sites for online rebates at hardware stores and almost any online store you can think of.

Online Rebates - Ebates $10 Bonus
Online Rebates – Ebates $10 Bonus


The Best Online Rebates Site is Ebates.  I have been using Ebates for online rebates for years.

I like Ebates the best because when you sign up with them using this Referral link, Ebates Online Rebates will give you $10 after you spend $25.

Depending on the store you shop in you will get as much as 15% cash back by check or you can have the cash transferred to your PayPal account.

This Is How you Get your Online Rebates Cash Back

If you need Hardware, most hardware stores will give you 3% back.

  1. First you go to Ebates, and type in Hardware on the top box.
  2. You will get a list of hardware stores.
  3. Click on of the stores Shop Now links to be taken to that hardware store.
  4. Buy want you need.
  5. Choose Store Pick up to save on shipping.
  6. In most cases you will get an email from Ebates within an hour.
  7. You can view your purchase list on Ebates and the money you will bet getting back.

Returns – Keep the Bonus $10.00 and Return Products You Do Not Need

When you first use Ebates, I suggest you send $25.00.  If you only need one item and it costs under $25.00, buy a few of items and return the ones you do not need.  You will still be able to get and keep your bonus $10.00.  The main reason for spending $25.00 right away is that Ebates has a time limit on spending the $25.00. Why rush?

Ebates Online Rebates and

Amazon offers 3% cash back on different department, which change.  You will need to see what departments are available at any given time.

Ebates Online Rebates and Ebay

Ebay offer a minimum of 1% Cash Back on every Category. Ebay also has some categories that offer as much as 5% back.  You will need to see which ones offer the most.  Ebay also offers an additional 1% back that can be used toward future purchases.  If you Ebates on Ebay you will away get 2% Cash back.

By at Local Stores and Get Cash Back from Ebates – In-Store Cash Back

Recently Ebates added the option to purchase items in several local stores: Macy’s, Petco, Bed Bath & Beyond, GNC, and several other local stores.

To get the in-store rebate, all you do is register the credit card you use with Ebates and they will add those purchases to your rebate list.

How to Get Your Online Rebates with Ebates

Another reason I like Ebates the best is that you do not have to go to the site and ask for your money No matter how much Abates owes you, they will send you a check every 3 months.


Mr. Rebates - Online Rebates
Mr. Rebates – Online Rebates

I Recommend You Sign up for Both Ebates and Mr Rebates.

Although I prefer Ebates, Mr. Rebates may have a higher Online Rebates %. Mr Rebates may have a store that Ebates does not have.

When you are making a large purchase, you will want to compare Ebates to Mr. Rebates before you make your final purchase and click-though the one the offers the most % bonus.

If you do not own a home to make improvements on, give me a call or go to my web site and I will be happy to help you find the perfect Central Coast Home. Sorry, you cannot get online rebates when buying a home.