There are several choices for the casual or serious investors to buy Central Coast Multi-Family Homes, which are better know as: Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex and Apartment properties.  These types of properties are often a great investment.

It is very important to understand want the difference between Central Coast Multi-Family Homes and Commercial properties.

Mulit-Family properties have 2 to 4 homes on one lot or one building, which are most commonly known as Duplex, Triplex and Fourplex properties. Anyone of these homes will allow you to live in one home and rent the other.  You can also use Multi-Family homes for extended families or an adult children can let their parents live in one of the multi-family homes.

You will find Apartments mixed in with 2 for 4 units Central Coast Multi-Family Homes. Apartments are actually commercial properties, because they have more than 4 homes in the same building or on a lot.

It is important for buyers to know the difference, in that you cannot get a conventional loan on any property with more than five units. If you are not paying cash, you will need to get a commercial loan on 5 unit plus properties, which often requires a larger down payment, as much as 70%,  and often a higher interest rate.

You will want to look at Commercial properties and Central Coast Multi-Family Homes to make sure you see all of the investment properties that are available.

Central Coast Multi-Family Homes