ATASCADERO HOMES FOR SALE – $450,000 TO $700,000

It is amazing there are so many Atascadero Medium Priced Homes available.  There are homes on acres, new homes, and larger homes.


Considering how many Atascadero Medium Priced homes you can choose from it would be difficult to not find what you are looking for.  There are 4+ bedroom homes for larger families, nice quality well maintain older homes on acres, smaller 2 bedroom homes, and even newer homes for sale.

However, if Atascadero Medium Priced homes are out of your price range, you can also look at Atascadero Lower Priced Homes that may be as nice for less money. If you need more in a home, and or much larger acres to accommodate growing groves of fruit trees, avocados or a vineyard, you may want to look at Atascadero Higher Priced Homes for sale.

Atascadero Medium Priced Homes
Atascadero Medium Priced Homes
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